Bus Pass Program

As a visa employee and coming to the states without a form of transportation and local transportation being limited to just a couple of options. The Branson Loop understands that getting to and from work is a very high priority on your list. We offer a simple solution to this problem.  We offer a program called the "Bus Pass".


Our Bus Pass program is a weekly rate of $40. The weekly rate is for transportation to and from work. At the beginning of the week you are required to pay for the week. Our weeks run Monday through Sunday. This is a week to week program. So you if you do not ride with us during one week you do not owe for that week. The Bus Pass also include transportation for you if you were to pick up a second job. Setting up transportation for the Bus Pass can be set up either by email at: J1@thebransonloop.com or calling 417-320-6235.