Social Security Trips

Finding a way up to the Social Security Administration Office can be a difficult task for a person that does not have transportation. Fortunately The Branson Loop does Trips up to the Social Security Office every Wednesday. We leave from Hall of Fame every Wednesday at 8:30 am and 9:30 am. If you do not live at this hotel we can have a shuttle pick you up at your place of stay and take you to the bus for no additional charge. The charge per person to go to the office, have our driver wait for you and bring you back to your place of stay in Branson is $20.

In order for us to keep the total trip time to a minimum. We suggest that we have all of the documents prefilled out in advance before you go up. Students should understand that they will go through a security check prior to entering the SSA office.  Be prepared for bags to be checked and to empty pockets. 


Needed documents:



Sponsor Letter

Completed SS-5 application

Employers can assist EVs in completing this form to ensure it is filled out prior to their SSA appointment.  


Tips to avoid common Issues with SSA application:

Name on DS-2019 must match how name is written on SSA application.  For example, if First and middle name is written in the first name column of the DS-2019, the EV should also include first and middle in the first name field of the SSA App. 

Address should be the physical mailing address for the EV.  SSA does not recommend use of employer address, unless the EV is living on property.

Wait 7-10 days after EV is registered in SEVIS before applying for SSA number. This will eliminate additional verification processes and will ensure timely receipt of the SSA card.